The Windsong Story, Maggie’s Account

The first time I actually wrote something fueled by emotion and the circumstance surrounding me, it was the most difficult task. I wrote “How to be an Angel…. ” with the idea of trying out a new level of humor in my life. With the intention of publishing it, I started writing my own blog last November. I was haphazardly working on launching a small e-commerce store, while casually playing with the idea of becoming a full-time artist. My personal life was at best boring. It was an amazing experience and I wouldn’t change a thing or alter one detail. It was ugly and frightening. I felt scared and alone more than once. I was just miserable. It was an amazing experience. The sunlight and the rain dance around in the same sky. In other words, try to embrace your life with loving arms-the good and the terrifying. Cherish your defeats just as you do your triumphs. Your life will take you down your own twisted path. It’s important to know that your ups and downs are all part of a perfect plan.

Right now, there is a powerful force at work within the world with unique special effects, featuring all of the people of Earth. The circumstances surrounding it are a very important part of our story. The soundtrack is the song of the wind through the trees on a bright morning in early spring. The story of the heavens and the Earth and beyond the horizon.

This blog will tell my part in that story and as I add to it, my personal narrative will show a unique perspective on the shift of consciousness that is happening right now in this delightfully crazy world. As I share with you, I encourage you to share your thoughts with me as we continue along our journey.


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