Seek and You Shall Find

One week ago, my faith was renewed. For one entire, glorious week I have had a lightness to my step that had been absent far longer than I care to admit. All it took was a quick prayer, and like so many times before when I softly knocked, God answered the door with the warm swiftness that I have admittedly taken for granted in the past.

What I didn’t know was this time would be a little different than the others. Over the course of my adult life, I have served my kind and generous creator with a carefree and unrushed attitude. Sure, I sprinkled my sweetness around as needed. I typically did the right thing and more often than not, I was a steadfast prayer warrior. I even know that during the mid-2000s, I gave quite a few people good reason to be true believers and spread their light in the world.

In the past God has often encouraged me to write. I tried but something always held me back. I think it was that carefree and unrushed attitude I mentioned before. This time when he directed me to write I knew I couldn’t just sit and talk to him and ignore his command. This time, he explained, I can’t miss a step. This time, it’s all in. Unbeknownst to me, I had trained for this! My time on Earth was planned long ago and I have been here for literally thousands of years. I (that is, my spirit/soul) actually traveled to this EARTH from my comfortable spirit home and lived many life-cycles in order to be prepared for an epic battle that is HAPPENING RIGHT NOW on Earth. Humanity is currently in the midst of a war. It’s a battle of epic proportions and every thought and action is counted. Every single day, every moment, is a gift. It’s a gift of opportunity. An opportunity to spread the word that we ARE AT War, but also an opportunity to shape your future. Our goal at Tryitmaggie is to provide you with the best possible help to use your arsenal to achieve the freedom you desire. This is an epic battle of good and evil. I am sure that you feel that battle inside of you. Please do not ignore what you feel in your heart. This is a very important part of the process of making the world we live in a place where we can be free. Free thinkers and creators. I am going to try to share this message to as many people as possible, but I need some help. Share this blog with your friends and family members. I will be happy to help you in the same manner or anyway that I can.

In the past, when people would ask me how I felt about God and the possibility of an afterlife, I could only respond with a vague answer and one hard truth. I would say I just knew and that I was 100% sure. While this worked with people who trusted me or those with naturally trusting hearts, this answer didn’t bode so well with the cynics that crossed through my path. Well, this time is different and as I continue to post here at Tryitmaggie I will try to find a way to make even the most cynical of you a positive believer in the powers of the positive consciousness. Your own personal power to control your life with your own healing action. Please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing from you!

Blessings and ❤️



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