We arched.😇We synchronized. 🤸We danced with the devil and didn’t miss a beat. 💃🕺

TryitMaggie. Try it Koinobori. Try it Lucian. To every man and woman…just try it. Try everyday. Try everyday to love and be kind. Don’t laugh at another’s plight, or use others for your own gains. Don’t engage harshly with your fellow or your gal over anything, less it be life or death. Even then speak lightly and remember that listening and hearing go hand in hand. As one.

You are always hearing, but often forget to listen!

This is the 2nd rule.

It is to try. Everyday we must try to ❤️ each other.

Remember, we agreed upon this method. Well, I know you don’t remember, so try to catch the tune if you can…..

I didn’t remember either until I heard from a trusted friend that there were still a few strong soldiers across the land and sea that had been waiting many ages for one of us, any of us, to remember the original rules of our native land… to remember what they themselves had forgotton.

I sought these soldiers and I found them to be teachers and leaders of many generations. Love in their loins and lost in their hearts. In their haste they gifted me their weapons and they loaned me their books. I fought epic battles with their dull swords. I preached to empty pulpits the knowledge of their edited texts. Their metal rusted with just a kiss and their books burned in the streets of New York as the flames engulfed the pages filled with tales of the innocent future.

Now, these soldiers were fine men and they wished me no harm, but something was missing. Something was missing not from each one individually, for they had many different educations from the best schools and they had membership into the well known clubs. They dined at themed restaurants and nightcapped their way through the bright streets of downtown, past the vibrant shops and bustling cafes, all the way to their modern homes in the hills. They loved their children, and complimented their wives. They knelt before their husbands in pitied defeat and trembling excitement. They hid lovers behind clear curtains. Their will was broken without any caste to mend it.

It wasn’t quite right. Every wrong label and every misplaced file created a disorganized mess that no evolved citizen could tolerate.

Their hearts were not full with the only thing. ❤

Now it is time to fill the empty vessels. Now is the time to bring the dark into light. Now is the time to act. The rejoicing will only come after our work.

We must come together and agree that our Mother(our Earth) is crumbling and she will not sustain us if we continue to abuse and exploit her. Your Earth is your saintly mum and she is speaking.

We must calmly tend to her ancient gift of bloom and blossom, we must begin sowing only our share and giving our last grain to our neighbor, if he needs or wants.

Please, tend to her cries before she leaves us forever.

OUR Mother came first and with her beautiful lands of five and her beautiful oceans of four she offered to us a fruitful home. We frolicked in her soft grasses and then kept her seeds hidden away. Why did we hide our light from her? Why did we take more than we were owed? The answer is a cold truth that scholars and madames and even priest have warned us of. Fear. Our fear has led us here, and our fear will leave us here, less we start a dialog that only has one goal. Survival is our goal. OUR only tool is ❤.

I, the embodiment of two, cry out to you the solution to a problem undefined.

Our Father has come once and his message was left unattended in the hearts and the minds of the people that knew him during his time on Earth. The message missed the mark, and desolved in the acid of foreign tongues.

Now the native language has once again been spoken, if only a whisper in the dark night. Now the path is clear, it is not nearly as treacherous as once fortold.

The mum and pop, the folks, the original parents are back…and they are diligently working as one. Won’t you lend a hand?


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